For us and for many years, achieving a measurable positive impact on the environment and society is an integral part of entrepreneurial success. Therefore, we support the portfolio companies of the Quadriga Capital funds with proprietarily developed method and process knowledge ("QC-Sustain") as well as our own ESG & Impact Team to create sustainable corporate values. We pursue an integrated approach that combines "Environmental, Social and Governance" (ESG) standards with the creation of lasting positive effects on the environment and society ("Impact"). We call this approach "QC-Sustain".

QC-Sustain is a proprietary, modular platform of measures, processes and management tools that can be used to strategically integrate ESG and impact factors across the entire value creation process. An individual materiality analysis is carried out for each investee company.


All portfolio companies of the Quadriga Capital funds have implemented ESG standards in their business model since 2010. Beyond risk identification and avoidance, we support them with our QC-Sustain system.


Our investment strategy focuses on companies whose core products and services contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or which demonstrate the potential to become such a company through a corresponding transformation or impact expansion. We address three impact areas where our experience and industry knowledge can have the greatest impact.

Human Well-Being & Personal Growth

We actively promote social change and support an aging and migrating population by providing in healthcare and education solutions and services.


Preservation of our Environment

To preserve the ecosystem, we focus on products, services and solutions that actively contribute to improving the environment through innovation.


Sustainable Transformations

Through digitalization and the use of innovative technologies, we focus on sustainable business models as well as supply chains, enabling the transition to a greener economy.


Our Sustainability Team:


The ESG/Impact team around Violetta Sulzbach and Mayte Luterbacher coordinates the QC-Sustain program and advises on the integration of ESG and sustainability issues in all portfolio companies. It already advises during the purchase examination and develops best practice processes in the later implementation of sustainability in the entire portfolio.

Impact Advisory Board:

For the sustainability approach, Quadriga Capital has set up an Impact Advisory Board, which consists of the external sustainability specialists Prof. Dr. Herwig Buchholz, Alice Drooghmans and Joana Radeke. The Impact Advisory Board demands and promotes, advises and monitors Quadriga Capital's ESG and impact analyzes and processes during the acquisition process and the entire holding period of an investment company.

Policies & Reports


Quadriga Capital Private Equity Fund VI is signatory of the Operating Principles for Impact Management (Impact Principles) of the Global Impact Investing Initiative (GIIN), previously International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Impact Principles Disclosure Statement

Impact Principles Verification Statement


All Quadriga Capital Funds have been signatories of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) since 2012.

PRI - Assessment Report 2023

PRI - Public Transparency Report 2023


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